Our Lady holding Jesus as He accepts flowers from the shepherd child

Our Lady holding Jesus as He accepts flowers from the shepherd child

Welcome to our intercessory prayer ministry for families, babies, little ones and those who love them.

In our prayers for families, we pray for the sanctity of all life and for vocations to marriage, the priesthood and consecrated life, which are born and nurtured in families.

Prayer of Entrustment to Mary was prayed for this ministry at the icon of the Madonna Salus Populi Romani (Salvation of the Roman People, Our Lady of Good Health) in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Basilica of Mary Major) in Rome, Italy, in Nossa Senhora do Rosario da Fatima (Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary) in Fatima, Portugal, in Eglise du Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart Parish Church), the site of St. Bernadette's baptismal font, in Lourdes, France and at The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts at the Shrine of the Holy Innocents before Our Lady of Guadalupe and at Basilica Papale de San Pietro in Vaticano (St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City) at the Tomb of St. John Paul II in Rome, Italy.

This ministry is consecrated to Jesus Christ, Wisdom Incarnate, through the hands of Mary and dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. In our prayers to Mary, we honor and worship her Son Jesus. When He was on the Cross, He gave His Mother to John and she became our Mother as well. "Behold, your Mother." John 19:27

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
For the greater glory of God

August 14, 2018

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us...

O Lord Jesus Christ, who said, "greater love than this no man has that a man lay down his life for his friends." Through the intercession of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Priest and Martyr, whose life illustrated such love, we beseech you to grant us our petitions . . .

(mention prayer requests)

Grant, O Lord Jesus, that we too may give ourselves entirely without reserve to the love and service of our Heavenly Queen in order to better love and serve our fellowman in imitation of your humble servant, Maximilian. Amen.  Pray 3 Hail Marys and a Glory Be

Through the Militia Immaculata movement, which Maximilian founded, he spread a fervent devotion of Consecration to Our Lady throughout the world. He gave up his life for a total stranger and loved his persecutors, giving us an example of unselfish love for all men, a love that was inspired by true devotion to Mary.  He said, "Genuine love rises above creatures and soars up to God.  In Him, by Him and through Him, it loves all men, both good and wicked, friends and enemies." Saint Maximilian Kolbe, through his great devotion to Our Lady, teaches us how to have a forgiving heart.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pray for all the intentions we receive, through the intercession of Immaculate Mary, Mother of God.

August 11, 2018

Reflection: Saint Clare of Assisi

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Clare. Clare felt a fire stir within her when she heard Francis of Assisi preach and she had a great desire to live the Gospel. At the age of 18, she secretly left her home with her cousin Pacifica and did not return home again. In the middle of the night, Clare met Francis and his friars at the Portiuncola, the little chapel of ‘Mary of the Angels’. Francis cut her long blond hair and Clare left her fine clothes. She wore a simple dress of sackcloth and a thick veil and vowed from that moment on to give herself to God who would be her Spouse forever.

Francis built a cloister for her. When other ladies joined her, they became known as the Order of Poor Ladies, and later known as the Poor Clares. The Poor Ladies lived in a cloister, apart from the world. They supported Francis and his followers through their hidden life of prayer and sacrifice.

Clare loved to come before the Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, her dearest Love. She received Jesus in Holy Communion as often as she was permitted. One day after she had received Holy Communion, the Child Jesus came to visit her. He lay in her arms and covered her with kisses.

Our Lord was close to Clare and her Sisters all the time. Once, He saved them from a great danger in answer to Clare's prayer. An army of rough soldiers came to attack Assisi and they planned to raid the convent first. Although very sick, she asked to be carried to the wall and right there, where the enemies could see it, she placed the Blessed Sacrament. Then on her knees, she begged God to save the Sisters. "O Lord, protect these Sisters whom I cannot protect now," she prayed. A voice seemed to answer:"I will keep them always in My care." At the same time a sudden fright struck the attackers and they fled as fast as they could. This became known as the Miracle of the Blessed Sacrament.

In speaking of Eucharistic Adoration, Saint Clare said,
"Gaze upon Him, consider Him, contemplate Him, as you desire to imitate Him."

Saint John Paul II said of Saint Clare: "Her whole life was a Eucharist because from her cloister she raised up a continual thanksgiving to God in her prayer, praise, supplication, intercession, weeping, offering and sacrifice. She accepted everything from the Father in union with His only begotten Son."

I have a very special love for Saint Clare, her profound devotion of the Eucharist and her life of contemplative prayer. I especially love the story of how she held up the Blessed Sacrament when Assisi was about to be attacked and the attackers fled in fright. In 2014, I had the great blessing of visiting Assisi and I remember being so moved by the statue of Saint Clare holding up the Blessed Sacrament.

In the Eucharist, Jesus heals, protects and performs miracles. Whenever you have an opportunity to go to Eucharistic Adoration, go and sit in the Presence of the Lord. He is waiting for you. Like Saint Clare, the more you come to Him, the more He will make you become like Him. When you gaze at Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration, He is gazing back at you with great love.

Words of Saint Clare:
“Place your mind before the mirror of eternity! Place your soul in the brilliance of glory! And transform your entire being into the image of the Godhead Itself through contemplation."

Saint Clare, pray for us and all those we pray for through this ministry.

August 08, 2018

St. Dominic, Our Lady and the Most Holy Rosary

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Dominic. During his life, he founded the Order of the Dominican, tried to convert non-believers to Catholicism and experienced apparitions of Blessed Mother Mary. She revealed to him the structure of the Most Holy Rosary which we pray today.

Dominic had a special devotion to what was the predecessor of the modern rosary. He went alone into the forest and wept and prayed continuously for three days to appease the anger of Almighty God. After three days, he fell into a coma. While in a coma, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him and asked:

"Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the Blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world?" Mary continued: "I want you to know that, in this kind of warfare, the battering ram has always been the Angelic Psalter which is the foundation stone of the New Testament. Therefore if you want to reach these hardened souls and win them over to God, preach my Psalter."

The Queen of Heaven said to Dominic:

"Wonder not that until now you have obtained so little fruit by your labors; you have spent them on barren soil, not yet watered with the dew of Divine grace. When God willed to renew the face of the earth, He began by sending down on it the fertilizing rain of the Angelic Salutation. Therefore, preach my Psalter."

With these words, Mary founded the Most Holy Rosary, which is Mary's Psalter. With the rosary, she unleashed the sword, the spiritual weapon and fortress against evil.

Shortly after this apparition, Dominic preached the Holy Rosary to the unconverted Carthars. To modify the paternoster (150 Our Fathers) and in compliance with the instruction in the apparition, the design of the Saint Dominic rosary came in to being. He set apart 15 mysteries of the rosary, grouped them in to 3 sets of 5 decades each. These groupings were designated the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. This design helped the Cathars better understand and to imitate the virtuous life of Jesus and Mary.

May the life and legacy Saint Dominic lived so faithfully strengthen us to live to our true call to pray the spiritual weapon, the rosary. We ask this, Holy God, in the Name of Jesus, in unity with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mother of Grace, Mother of Mercy, help us turn to you and Jesus by praying the Rosary daily. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us. Saint Dominic, pray for us.

August 07, 2018

Reflection: Jesus walking on the water..."Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid."

Jesus made the disciples get into a boat and precede Him to the other side, while He dismissed the crowds. After doing so, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Matthew 14:22-23

Jesus went up the mountain by Himself to pray. By doing this, He taught His disciples to take time to be alone in prayer. Jesus wants us to come away to a quiet place to pray. To hear God speak, we have to make time to be silent and listen.

When it was evening, He was there alone. Meanwhile the boat, already a few miles offshore, was being tossed about by the waves, for the wind was against it.  During the fourth watch of the night, He came toward them walking on the sea. When the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified.  “It is a ghost,” they said, and they cried out in fear.  Matthew 14:24-26

When the disciples were in the boat, being tossed around by the waves and wind, they were terrified, even though many of them were fishermen and spent most of their lives working on boats. When Jesus was walking on the water toward them, they did not recognize Him. When we are afraid, our fear can color or distort our vision and we can make decisions out of fear, instead of with prudence and wisdom.

At once Jesus spoke to them, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”  Peter said to Him in reply, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”  He said, “Come.”  Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus.  Matthew 14:27-29

Jesus spoke to Peter, "Come" and He speaks that word to us. When we come to Jesus and we are still afraid, He speaks these words to us, "Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid." Peter had enough courage to get out of the boat but when he realized he was actually walking on the water, he became afraid.

But when he saw how strong the wind was, he became frightened; and, beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught Peter, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” After they got into the boat, the wind died down.  Those who were in the boat did Him homage, saying, “Truly, You are the Son of God.” Matthew 14:30-33

When Peter was being tossed by the wind and water, he became afraid and cried out, "Lord, save me." When we are being tossed about by the trials and storms of our lives, Jesus knows we are afraid. He is always with us and He calls on us to have courage and to step out of the boat and walk to Him. Like Peter, if we take our eyes off the Lord and we fall, cry out, "Lord, save me." Jesus will extend His hand and bring us to safety and give us His peace.

I recall a time when I was with my family on a raft ride in Storyland, New Hampshire. The raft floated along gently and then suddenly went through a series of twists and turns. At unexpected times, we were sprayed with water. Reflecting on that experience and the words of the Gospel, I am reminded that we cannot control our emotions, such as fear, but we can keep our eyes always fixed on the Lord. When we experience the unexpected spray of water, the twists and turns in our lives, we can make a conscious decision of the will to be not afraid and remember the Lord's words,

"Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid." 

August 05, 2018

Reflection: Our Lady of the Snows

The most important church in the city of Rome dedicated to Our Lady is the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, erected around the year 352. Today is the Feast Day of the Dedication of Saint Mary Major. 

The Basilica of Saint Mary Major has great significance to the John 10:10 Prayer Ministry. In 2012, upon the recommendation of a priest who is a dear friend of the ministry, "A Prayer of Entrustment to Mary" was prayed by another priest at the image of the Madonna and Child. This image, Salus Populi Romani is located in a side chapel. 

Today is also known as the feast day of Our Lady of the Snows, due to a miraculous event which occurred there. According to legend, an aristocrat John and his wife were unable to have children. They prayed continually and asked the Blessed Mother for her assistance. Our Lady appeared to them in a vision on the night of August 4-5. She requested that they build a church in her honor on the Esquiline hill and the sign to accompany this dream is that the exact location would be marked out in snow.

During that hot summer evening, a miraculous snowfall traced the form of the basilica on the hill. Our Lady also appeared to Pope Liberius in a dream that same night so that he too could arrive at the location to see the miraculous snowfall. Many people gathered to see the unusual event of snow glistening in the August sun. 

Realizing that the snow marked the exact location of the church, the people staked off the area before the snow melted. The basilica was completed within two years and consecrated by Pope Liberius.

Among its great treasures are relics of the crib of the Baby Jesus from Bethlehem and a painting of the Madonna and Child known as the Salus Populi Romani, the Protectress of the People of Rome, which is attributed to Saint Luke. This image had been brought back from the Holy Land by Saint Helena, the mother of the Emperor Constantine. The image hung in the private chapel of Pope Liberius, and he ordered that it be brought to the Basilica for public veneration by the faithful. Throughout the centuries, there has been a special devotion to this famous picture of Our Lady. Many popes make an Entrustment to Mary of their papacy at this sacred image. 

Our Lady of the Snows, pray for us and all those for whom we pray through this ministry.

August 04, 2018

Saint John Vianney, pray for us!

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of Saint John Vianney, patron of priests. Because of his notable holiness, he was ordained a priest in 1815 even though he lacked in his knowledge of religious studies. Three years later he was made parish priest of Ars, a remote French hamlet, where his reputation as a confessor and director of souls made him known throughout the world. He became known as the "Cure of Ars."

At his parish in Ars, he spent 16 to 18 hours a day, hearing confessions and absolving sinners all year round, hot summers and cold winters. He fasted constantly. Ten of thousands of souls were converted to Christ through his heroic efforts. It was said that even the staunchest of sinners were converted at his mere word. Because he was converting so many souls, the demons were constantly attacking him, and on one occasion they set his bed on fire. He was a great mystic and received spiritual gifts from God, such as the discernment of souls and visions. He had tremendous patience and retained a childlike simplicity. He was beloved by the people, became known as a wonderworker and is a living image of the priest after the Heart of Christ.

Saint John Vianney had a great devotion to Saint Philomena who he called his guardian. He erected a chapel and shrine in her honor. In May 1843, he became so ill he thought that his life was coming to its end. He asked Saint Philomena to cure him and promised to say 100 Masses at her shrine. Twelve days later, he was cured and he attributed his cure to her and he promoted devotion to her. Saint Philomena was martyred for Jesus at the age of thirteen by the Roman government. The life of Saint John Vianney was filled with works of charity and love. He died August 4, 1859, and was canonized May 31, 1925.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER: Let us ask Saint John Vianney to give us the grace to go to confession often during our life on this earth so that our love for Jesus will be very pure.

"My little children, your hearts, are small, but prayer stretches them and makes them capable of loving God. Through prayer we receive a foretaste of heaven and something of Paradise comes down upon us. Prayer never leaves us without sweetness. It is honey that flows into the souls and makes all things sweet. When we pray properly, sorrows disappear like snow before the sun." Saint John Vianney

"We should consider those moments spent before the Blessed Sacrament as the happiest of our lives." Saint John Vianney

August 02, 2018

Our Lady Queen of the Angels

O my brothers and sisters, I want you all to go to heaven. Saint Francis of Assisi

The second day of August is the Feast Day of Our Lady Queen of the Angels. The title refers to Mary's place of honor over the angels who serve as God's messengers and guardians. Mary is Queen of Heaven with her Son, Christ the King. 

This feast dates back to before the days of Saint Francis. By the year 1045, there was a chapel in Assisi called Saint Mary of the Angels because it was believed angels had appeared there. By the time Saint Francis arrived in 1207, the church had fallen into disrepair.

Jesus appeared to Francis at the Church of San Damiano in Assisi and asked him to repair His church. Francis thought He meant the physical building and he immediately began to make repairs. Much later, Francis came to know that the Lord meant he was to repair the Church as the community of believers.

Saint Francis repaired three chapels. The third was popularly called the Portiuncula or the Little Portion, dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels. It is now enclosed in a sanctuary at Assisi. Francis and his friars came to live at the Little Portion in early 1211. It became the “motherhouse” of the Franciscans and where Saint Clare came to the friars to make her vows in 1212 and where Saint Francis died in 1226.

The shrine is described as a replica of the little church, the "Portiuncula" or "little corner of the world" in Assisi.  This is where Saint Francis began to understand his vocation to follow the Gospel, give up all worldly goods, pray for and advocate peace, and care for the poor and sick.

Because of the favors obtained from God at the Portiuncula, Saint Francis asked the Pope to grant remission of sins to all who came there. The privilege extends beyond the Portiuncula to others churches, especially held by Franciscans, throughout the world. Through this gift, God pours out His unfathomable Divine Mercy upon the world. The Portiuncula became the place of adoration for Saint Francis. In the midst of the turmoil of today's world, his message of peace and love continues to remain alive.

Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, pray for us and all the intentions in our hearts.

July 29, 2018

Reflection: Pray the Rosary

The rosary is one of my favorite prayers. By praying and meditating on the mysteries of the rosary, I draw close to Jesus and Mary and they give me strength in my own life. The rosary has been called the School of Mary. Through her intercession, she comes into our hearts. She teaches us and works in us. Mary always leads us to her Beloved Son Jesus.

Praying the Rosary daily will put you in some pretty awesome company: St. Josemaria Escrivia, St. Louis de Monfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Padre Pio, St. Bernadine, St. Bernard, St. Dominic, St. John Vianney, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Albert, St. Bonaventure, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Robert Bellarmine Venerable Fulton Sheen and many more!

What Happens When We Pray The Rosary?

"The rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you will be amazed at the results. St. Josemaria Escrivia

"Go to the Madonna. Love her! Always say the Rosary. Say it well. Say it as often as you can! Be souls of prayer. Never tire of praying, it is what is essential. Prayer shakes the Heart of God, it obtains necessary graces! St. Padre Pio

“The soul is filled with gratitude and love before these proofs of Divine love; it's hope becomes enlarged and it's desire is increased for those things which Christ has prepared for such as have united themselves to Him in imitation of His example and in participation in His sufferings.” Pope Leo XIII, his encyclical on the Rosary

“The word ‘Rosary’ means ‘Crown of Roses,’ that is to say that every time someone says the Rosary devoutly, they place a crown of one hundred fifty-three red roses and sixteen white roses upon the heads of Jesus and Mary. Being heavenly roses they will never fade or lose their exquisite beauty.” St. Louis de Montfort, The Secret of the Rosary

“With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of his love.” Saint John Paul II, apostolic letter on the Rosary.

“There is no surer means of calling down God’s blessings upon the family . . . than the daily recitation of the Rosary.” Pius XII

Who Supports Praying the Rosary?

“The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of attaining eternal life. It is the remedy for all our evils, the root of all our blessings. There is no more excellent way of praying.” Pope Leo XIII

“The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.” St. Francis de Sales

“The Rosary is my favorite prayer. A marvellous prayer! Marvellous in its simplicity and in its depth. . .the simple prayer of the Rosary beats the rhythm of human life.” St. John Paul II

“Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.” Pope Pius IX

And as for those who don’t see purpose in the repetitive nature of the Rosary: “The beautiful truth is that there is no repetition in, ‘I love you.’” Venerable Fulton Sheen 

Pray the rosary daily for peace and for the family.

Continue to pray the rosary every day.  Our Lady of Fatima to Sr. Lucia

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us and for all the intentions we receive through this ministry.

July 28, 2018

Reflection: Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of God, is the Seat of Wisdom. In the Litany of Loreto, she is given this title because she gave flesh to Jesus, the Son of God, whom the Scriptures refer to as the Wisdom of God. During Jesus’ early years, Mary sat Him on her lap and nurtured Him, thus becoming the “seat” of Wisdom. Art renditions of this image show Mary on a throne with the child Jesus in her lap.

Through Mary, Jesus entered the world as our Savior. Through Mary’s guidance and love, Jesus grew into a loving and caring man, who left His parent’s home to do the work God had given Him to do. Throughout His life, Mary was near, rejoicing with Him in all His good works, supporting and comforting Him in His days of doubt and suffering. Mary was the first disciple of Jesus.

Are you seeking wisdom?

Wisdom is a gift from God that helps us understand what God’s plan and purpose is for our lives. Wisdom needs to be cultivated so that the soil of our hearts can hear God’s voice, as Mary did. Mary’s parents helped her to use her gift of wisdom so that she was ready to understand God’s plan and purpose for her life when the angel came to announce it.

Turn to Mary. Ask her for wisdom. Sit in the Presence of Jesus in Eucharistic adoration. Pray the rosary and meditate on the Scriptures. Spend time in silent prayer. In the silence, you will hear God's voice. Ask Mary to teach you how to be silent in the Presence of the Lord.

"When I was young and innocent, I sought wisdom openly in my prayer. She came to me in her beauty and until the end I will cultivate her." Sirach 51:13-14  

O Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us and for all the names we receive through this prayer ministry.

July 26, 2018

Reflection: Saint Anne and Saint Joachim...

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, parents of our Blessed Mother Mary.

They nurtured Mary and taught her how to listen and respond to God's request with faith, "Let it be done to me according to Your Word." Their example of faith gave Mary the courage to stand at the foot of the Cross as her Beloved Son was crucified. They are examples and models for all parents and for all married couples. Their heroism and holiness set the atmosphere for Mary.

The Scriptures were central to their family. Through the Word of God, Mary developed a strong character to make decisions, a continuous practice of prayer, devotion to the laws of her faith, steadiness in moments of crisis, and devotion to her relatives.

Saint Anne is the patron saint of mothers, grandmothers and pregnant women. Devotion to her was the beginning of this prayer ministry. The Novena to Saint Anne had a powerful impact on the pregnancy and birth of Lily Grace because our family, our parish community and beyond were praying the Novena to Saint Anne that this precious baby would have abundant life. She is eleven years old now. Her life is the fruit of prayer. The prayers were answered in the gift of this child who brings love and joy to everyone she meets.

Good Saint Anne, mother of her who is our life, our sweetness and our hope, pray to her for us and obtain our request.  Good Saint Anne, pray for us.  Jesus, Mary, Anne

"Joachim and Ann, how blessed and spotless a couple! You will be known by the fruit you have born, as the Lord says: By their fruits you will know them. The conduct of your life pleased God and was worthy of your daughter. For by the chaste and holy life you led together, you have fashioned a jewel of virginity: she who remained a virgin before, during and after giving birth. She alone for all time would maintain her virginity in mind and soul as well as in body." Saint John Damascene, Early Church Father and Doctor of the Church

Good Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, pray for us and for all those for whom we pray.